Marky V-lectro

Marky V-lectro is a Dutch EDM DJ/producer based in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Influenced and inspired by music of the nineties as well as modern electronic dance music, he is always looking for ways to take his creativity to the next level by combining styles and sounds to create that next big floorfilling dance hit.

Marky V-lectro started producing a long time ago using PC programs like Scream Tracker and Fast Tracker. The sounds from the 8/16 bit samples used in these programs where rather simplistic and cheap, but the idea of patterns, melodies and combining sounds was there. He also took piano lessons for a couple of years and thus learned basic music theory and to read and write notes.

It was later that he discovered Cubase as a DAW, immediately resulting in more professional audio productions. After a production stop of a few years, he rebuilt his studio in 2013, discovered FL Studio as a DAW and is hooked to music production ever since. In 2014 and 2015 he co-produced tracks with, amongst others, Melbourne based Neighbours TV series star Nicola Charles and LA based talented singer and songwriter Cara.

His latest productions are to be found on SoundCloud.





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